Curatedlyf was born out of passion to help showcase and promote quality Filipino, Canadian and International Artisan products here in North America. We also aim to open channels for artisans and craftsmen around the world. 

Curatedlyf represents a custom style or statement anchored to one's lifestyle, personality, and taste. Featuring the limited or one of a kind pieces we can find that will truly express one's uniqueness.

Our Mission

To help talented and quality artisans and product-prenuers reach global market be the partner in their growth and success. To bring quality and unique pieces to our market's access; to provide unique options to one's fashion statements as we only carry limited quantities or one-of-a-kind pieces which are carefully curated. To provide value added services to benefit and help our clients in their styling needs as well as personal development. To use innovative ideas and technologies in educating our clientele how to maximize their wardrobe.

Our Vision

To grow globally, and scale to meet the needs of our market’s demand while maintaining the quality, creativity and relevance in today's industry. To utilize innovation and technology in creating branding, heritage, and cultivate avenues in showcasing our partners. To be keen in our market's needs at all times, to continually seek new pieces and innovative creations, and services expansions to serve our market better. To truly reflect curated life, customized to one's lifestyle, taste, and personality.